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O'Connell Ballooning 

Tether Rides and School Presentations 
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Let's go Tether!


What is Tethering?

If you have ever wanted to experience a hot air balloon ride, but want it in a more controlled environment, a tethered balloon ride is just the thing.

A tethered balloon ride is a short safe up - and - down flight. This is done with the balloon secured to ground support with 4 strong ropes. The height of the ride is up to 35 feet off the ground! This is perfect for those who want the experience without the altitude. Also, there is no climbing! Our basket has a door you can walk right in! 

Our operations are weather dependent and done as pop-up events. Our Facebook page is the place to find all information on the next pop-up event, how to sign-up, and event status. 

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